Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Library Card

Library Card
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Aliyah got her library card today. She was able to write her name nicely on the line and she was excited to show everyone her card. Edwin says that now she can pay the fines if anything goes back late. Nice try dad! Can you believe that later this month I will be registering her for kindergaten?

Tea Party

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With all the girls in the family we are well practiced with tea parties. I had to get a photo of my cute nieces enjoying "tea" at my house before they had to go back to Michigan.

Picnic in February

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The weather was so great we had to go out and have a picnic. The girls also helped me plant some more bulbs in the yard.

Eating Ice

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Okay it is a bit disgusting. They were eating ice out of the pool that has had water in it since last summer. Occasionally I have to think about how much fun I had as a child doing gross things like eating dirty ice. It is amazing how we survive childhood.

Photo Time

Yes, they are all offspring of the Gervais. 12 girls and 2 boys. 11 of the girls are 5 and under. Niccole was in town so she coordinated a photo to give to Grammy and Papa. Considering how many little kids were there, it went well.

Chicken Soup

I am officially a mom. The girls and I had been fighting off colds for several days. Aliyah started it with a bad cough and passed it on to us. Normally I call my mom and ask her to bring me chicken soup. It always makes me feel better. This time I called and asked her for the recipe. I needed to step up to the plate and learn how to make my girls feel better like mom has done for many years. Elyse finished the entire bowl and Aliyah had seconds. I was pleased with my first time effort.