Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cute Girls and New Camera

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As many of you know we sold our CRV and bought a Chrysler Town and Country van. We actually made money. Edwin agreed to let me get a new camera. So now, not only do I have a great van but a cool camera. More pictures to come, I'm sure.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Zoo Fans

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Mom started the zoo escapades on her birthday. We opted to get a season pass and have made great use of it. Just ask Aliyah the scientific name for a bald eagle and you will see evidence of how often we have visited the zoo.

Hide and Seek

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The girls and Parker decided to play hide and seek from Grammy at Aunt Polly's house. As you can see they found a good hiding place. Too bad they couldn't keep quiet.


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She is just adorable. Isn't she? I love this photo.


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We have had a lot of fun at the zoo this summer. We were able to get a season pass that allows us to bring guests. I decided to celebrate my 30th birthday with girls. Payton spent the night and we had a great time at the zoo. Click on any photo to go to my Flicker account to see more fun photos.

Day Camp

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Aliyah attended Day Camp at Sound Life for the 2nd time. This time I volunteered in the craft room and was able to go to two of the field trips. We went to the beach and to the zoo. Elyse can't wait until next year to be able to go to day camp. Aliyah was camper of the day one day. I'm not sure if it is because she was behaving well or because her counselor was in my class in third grade.

Messy Girl

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If there is any way to get messy, Aliyah will find it. She often tops her sister with bigger messes. Crazy girl.