Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Aliyah

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Aliyah wanted us to rent a room at McDonald's for her birthday. We compromised and just invited friends to McDonald's for her birthday. The kids had so much fun. They were actually sweating they were playing so hard. We joked about wanting dress up clothes so that the girls would play like princesses. They were playing wolves, dinasours, and after much coaching puppies. (No more growling please!)

Dollar Store

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I took the girls to the dollar store a few days ago for good behavior. Elyse is finally keeping her pull-up on during nap times and night time. Elyse picked out a set of water color paints meant for painting Easter eggs. The girls were so good. Aliyah picked out a set of musical instruments. She now has a trumpet, a recorder, and a harmonica. They chose carefully and didn't ask for anything else. I was so proud of them. This has taken a bit of training. Anyway, Elyse wanted to paint all of her Easter eggs with black watercolor paints. I tried to get her to choose other colors but she said she only wanted black. I hope this is not telling of things to come.

Easter Egg Birthday

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I was able to take a half day off for Aliyah's birthday. We came home and Aliyah wanted to paint Easter eggs. She is quite creative. Here are just a couple of her lovely creations.

Aliyah Ballerina

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Aliyah got a Bella Dancerella DVD for Christmas and really likes it, so mom and I got her a ballet outfit for her birthday. Elyse is "sharing" it with her. I guess we know what we are getting Elyse for her birthday. Aliyah knows several ballet positions thanks to Bella Dancerella. This is much cheaper than ballet and a great way for her to learn. (On her own terms)

Ballerina Beauty

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We went over to Auntie Sarah's to hang out. I love these photos. I know Sarah has them on her blog, but I couldn't resist posting a few on mine.


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Elyse and Emma pose for a great photo at Aliyah's party. They look so cute. Elyse is wearing Aliyah's new Barbie gardening gloves. Elyse thinks she gets to share all of Aliyah's presents.

Pretend Party

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Aliyah has gotten spoiled. She is now used to pretend parties, real birthday parties, and then even more birthday parties. This is Aliyah blowing out her candles at her pretend party. She helped decorate the Strawberry Shortcake cake. It's hard to believe she is 5. We registered her for kindergarten last week. Boy how time flies.

Spring Break

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Last week we were on Spring Break. We were able to plan a few fun things. We went to the park in South Hill and the girls had a great time chasing me around the field. Elyse was trying to be uncooperative for the photo. So I had to tickle her.